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   Omega-8 was founded to give Thai students the best possible preparation for standardized tests, a critical component in the university application process.  Our goal is to guide and inspire our students to exceed potential!

Our Team

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Mam Khornkhaew

Associate Director

Business & Math Coach

MIT Sloan School, Chulalongkorn University

Mam graduated from Thailand's top university, Chulalongkorn University, with the only perfect 4.00 GPA in over 20-years. She repeated her outstanding performance at MIT, where she concentrated in Finance. Prior to joining our team, Mam was the Financial Planning Manager at SCG, Thailand's largest industrial conglomerate, where she directed the financial planning of a US$5.4 billion overseas investment among other major projects. In addition to English and Thai, Mam also speaks conversational Mandarin and Teochew.

With over 10 years of experience coaching students for the SAT and

GMAT math exams, he has tutored many students who have scored above the 99th percentile, and some who have earned perfect scores on both exams.

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Dr Jennings

Head of Math & Science

Villanova University School of Law, University of Delaware

Dr. Jennings, who is affectionately known as "DJ" by his student, started his career as a Chemical Engineer at a giant American industrial corporation. He is also a Patent Lawyer who has filed countless international patents for innovators, including many of our students! DJ is a fun and exciting science teacher who inspires students to enjoy exploring the beauty of Biology,

Physics and Chemistry. He is also is a passionate math teacher, and over 30% of hist students achieve a perfect score of 800 on the SAT. DJ also teaches SAT II Math to hundreds of students, with over half earning full marks.

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Head of Social Studies & Economics

Economics & History, Geography & History

Princeton University, Chulalongkorn University

Nathan is our Academic Head for Social Studies & Economics. In addition to English, Nathan speaks conversational Mandarin and Thai, and has written a book to help adults learn Thai. In addition to designing many of our courses, he has taught students for the SAT II exams in World History and Advanced Placement exams in Comparative Politics, and Human Geography. Nathan has also taught both International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement level Economics, and has guided students on their Economics Research and Papers.

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English Writing

Cornell University

Brice is a Korean-American from Seattle and understand both Eastern and Western cultures intimately, especially when it comes to academics and teaching. Brice brings with him extensive

experience as a teacher and academic coach in both the US and Korea, where he has helped hundreds of students achieve their college dreams. Has extensive experience helping students

prepare for the SAT Writing Section, as well as the AP and SAT II exams on World History, US History, US Government and Literature. He also coaches that Thai National History Olympiad Team.



Computer Science

California State University at Los Angeles

Dan has almost 10 years of experience teaching students in the United States and Taiwan before joining the Omega-8 Team in Thailand. Dan has extensive experience working with Chinese students and understand some Mandarin. In addition to teaching English, Dan helps students develop their activities and projects as part of their profile development. He loves cats and is very popular among younger students. Dan is also our resident Computer Science expert and Design Technology instructor.

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