Your SAT scores are one of a university's first clues to see if you're ready for the academic challenges of their curriculum. With average scores over 1500 at top universities like Harvard and Yale, it's clear that scores are a big factor. And it's even more important for international students.

   We offer the only SAT Verbal course in Bangkok that adapts teaching methods based on our students' preferred learning styles. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Test, we'll assess whether you prefer to learn in groups or on your own, and whether you like to learn by seeing examples or by focusing on theory. 

   We also group our students into foundation level and advanced level, so that our instructors will be able to adapt their teaching even better to your ability level!


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Note: All schools accept either the SAT or ACT.

Test Sections


  • 58 multiple-choice questions

  • 20 with no calculator (25 mins)

  • 38 with calculator (55 mins)

  • Covers algebra, geometry and some trigonometry


  • 52 multiple-choice questions

  • 65 mins

  • Passages on literature, history, social science and natural science

writing &


  • 44 multiple-choice questions

  • 35 mins

  • Grammar, vocabulary, editing


  • 50 minutes

  • Read a persuasive essay

  • Explain how the author makes the argument

  • Give your response

  • Optional section

International Test Dates 2020

*Expected dates - official dates haven't been released yet 

All registration deadlines are 11.59 pm Eastern Time, USA

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