Many top universities require applicants to submit scores for up to 3 SAT II Subject Tests. Applicants from Asian countries tend to earn high scores on these tests, so to be competitive you should aim for at least 750 on each of your tests.


   There are a total of 20 different tests to choose from, and each test takes one hour to complete. All tests are multiple-choice. Get in touch to learn how we can arrange private lessons with one of our expert tutors to help you prepare to earn a great score.

Test Subjects


International Test Dates 2020

*Expected dates - official dates haven't been released yet

All registration deadlines are 11.59 pm Eastern Time, USA

Key Info

  • Each test is not offered at each test date! Check here to find out which tests are offered when.

  • There are a total of 20 different tests available.

  • Each test takes one hour to complete.

  • You cannot take the SAT II tests on the same day that you take the SAT test.

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